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The GEA has a membership of over 450 educators. As an Association, we have a foundation called GEA Cares with three primary goals.

1) Support the Beth Shannon Memorial Scholarship which provides a four-year renewable scholarship to a graduating Geneva High School student pursuing a degree in education.

2) Advocate for Members in Need by aiding members going through difficult times. 3) Contribute to the community through our Community Outreach Program by hosting educational meetings for parents and advocating for students.

Beth Shannon Memorial Scholarship Winners

On June 12, 2016, Geneva lost a beloved member of our teaching community, Beth Shannon.  Beth worked at Western Avenue School for 19 years. She loved teaching her students, and she made a difference in the life of every child she taught. 

The Geneva Education Association is proud to award a $2,500 renewable scholarship in Beth's honor.  This scholarship will be awarded to one Geneva High School senior who intends to pursue a degree in the field of education.  Our hope is that this scholarship will aide a Geneva student in becoming an educator who embodies Beth's treatment of all students: with a smile, patience, encouragement, and guidance. 

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